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Breakfast on the grass ...

... or dinner on the beach. Wherever you prefer. We will prepare for you unique, specially tailor-made for any planned and dreamed events, events, events. The chef of the best pub? No problem. Pirate ship for you and your friends for a triumphant cruise on the bay? Of course! But also an intimate breakfast for two or a city guide.
Our offer is not only a good night's sleep in a comfortable apartment. In a new place you often do not know what to see, what places to visit or where to eat the best Polish dumplings you have heard so much. We offer you a guardian for your stay, who will reserve a dinner for you in the super restaurant and will be charged an extra discount.
We can help you organize your entire stay, your evening or just a few hours as you prefer. According to the principle of our company, we treat each customer individually. Your stay made to measure. Tell us how you want to rest and we will create the right conditions for you.
We are the only one in the Tri-City brokerage of professional medical services and healthy lifestyle. We have an exclusive offer of medical services in the field of dentistry, orthodontics and cosmetic and plastic surgery. We work with the best offices and specialists in this area in Tri-City. In addition, we will arrange for you any available medical treatment. We work closely with Klinik Sielska. The scope of procedures and their description can be found at:
In addition, our guests can benefit from 24-hour medical care for primary care and dental care. Urgent medical consultation or emergency help? With us you will feel taken care of.
We have weekend and weekend packages for you. Choose something for yourself or tell us what you need. We will make your stay as comfortable as possible.
The Tri-City is happening a lot at any time of the year. However, summer days are especially conducive to events organized in the open air. Here you will find information about current events organized in Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot. Concerts, performances, sporting events - all that is worth seeing and taking part in. Recommended. Be on the wave!


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